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I’ve been working with Rob Cherry and Cherry Fundraising for six years. I teach 8th grade geography at Battle Creek Middle School in Saint Paul. My students sell candy bars from Cherry Fundraising to help pay for their trip to Washington DC. They have also sold LED bracelets. This is the 6th year I’ve brought students to DC and thus the sixth year that my students have sold bars. I would guess that my students have sold around 80,000 candy bars!!!

Rob is fantastic! I will not work with any other fundraising company. He is very polite, kind, professional, and helpful. He always has candy in stock for my students to sell and is very flexible with his time when it comes to picking up boxes of candy. He is very quick to respond to any e-mails or phone calls. When I pick up candy he asks about my school, students, and my family. He does this because he cares about his clients. I know that I can depend on Rob for all of my fundraising needs. He is a class act. The real deal. I give him and his business an A+!!! I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with fundraising. Cherry Fundraising rocks!!! The best!!!

I was a little skeptical about how much money we would raise selling chocolate bars. Rob assured us that it would be a good fit for us and he was absolutely right. We have used this fundraiser for the last 3 years and we have sold out and needed to reorder more each of those years. Our goal has been for kids to raise somewhere between one half to all of their fee for the Wolf Ridge ELC trip through our fundraisers ($190). For those that chose to participate we had most of our students achieve that goal. It has been better than any of the other fundraisers we have used.

For 4 years now, our troop has raised funds by selling the World’s Finest Chocolate bars and we have always had a great experience with it. It is a fun and easy fundraiser for youth of all ages to participate in. In 2017, our troop raised $5,000 through the WFC fundraiser and we were able to take our troop of 15 youth on a weeklong road trip to Yellowstone National Park, stopping and camping out at various locations along the way there and back. We had a very memorable time and it was all thanks to selling the World’s Finest Chocolate.

Rob has helped us with the sale since we first started and he has always been very resourceful, patient, and has accommodated us at all times. It has definitely been a pleasure working with Rob and we look forward to working with him again in the future.
Dan-St. Paul

I worked with Rob in fundraising through World’s Finest Chocolate. Not only is the company reputable and sells itself, but Rob goes above and beyond as a rep. He made it extremely easy to set up an account and then made ordering a breeze. Oh and, told me of the incentive program they have for first year buyers, a program I loved and have adopted for the benefit of our little dedicated sellers from year to year.
Rob was excellent at answering questions as the first time I worked with him I didn’t know anything about how to make this work. He communicated quickly, effectively and professionally, He explained how other clubs like mine generally worked through this. He helped in the application process, and the best part, I got to meet him for an order pick up(at my choice).
When we were working on our second year, he communicated with me that the earlier we ordered, the better deal we got for shipping and OUR OWN LEAGUES NAME AND LOGO on every box at no extra charge. Lets just say that even though it was nice to meet him in person and work with him it was even nicer to have a truck show up and drop a load in my driveway, something I missed out on in the prior year.
Thanks Rob you make this easy to do and keep doing from year to year. Just think another baseball season is coming soon, we shall meet again, real soon.
Sharon – Irondale Baseball

Everyone loves chocolates, so this is an easy sell program, but beyond that . . . Rob is fair and has enough experience to give you good ideas about what will work for motivations and what your students may be able to do. He is not pushy but willing to offer ideas to build your program and your profits.
Randy – HCA

I am a 5th grade teacher. In the past, I have used various methods for fundraising with my students to help raise money for field trips. The company called “World’s Finest Chocolate” is by far the best fundraising company to use for your fundraising efforts.
It is so easy to implement. All you need to do is send home a flyer to your families asking them to participate in this fundraiser by letting them know the program works, and then ask them how many boxes of candy bars they would like to sell. For every bar sold, your student earns 50% of the money for that bar. If a child sells one box of bars, then $30.00 is earned towards their trip. Two boxes, then $60.00 is earned and so on. Our families choose an average of 2-3 boxes to sell every time we use this as a fundraiser.
World’s Finest Chocolates products are yummy, and the students like selling these bars in the easy-to-carry cases provided by the company.
We have been fortunate to work with Rob Cherry these past several years. He is responsive to our funding requests, always helps to deliver the products to us, and is in constant contact to check in on how things are going.
Finally, our families love how this product sells itself. Grandparents, neighbors, coaches, and even teachers enjoy helping students earn money to go participate in special events. Everyone loves chocolate especially from World’s Finest Chocolate.

Roxy Humphrey,
Grade 5 Teacher
Andersen Elementary