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All tea, green, black and herbal can be brewed and served hot or cold.

Fighting Fit
Freshly brewed iced tea delivers more antioxidants than bottled or powdered tea. A great product for concession stands and winter fundraisers!

  • Americans drink over 2.6 BILLION gallons of Iced Tea every year. In fact, 80% of American homes have a tea product in the kitchen pantry and 77% of tea consumed is black.
  • Fundraise With Tea designs, imports and distributes a delicious range of classic and iced tea.
  • Check out our stunning reusable packaging too and as an added bonus, customers are treated to free collectible in every packet.
  • Helps folks feel good about their snacking choices
  • Bursting with flavor, our superior grade leaf tea, comes in teabag convenience!
  • Finally, a consumable fundraising product that’s healthy, affordable and something that 80% of American households already purchase. On any given day, more than half of the US population drinks tea.

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Fundraise With Tea